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Castle Boskovštejn
Castle Boskovštejn - map

Property location and things to see

The castle of Boskovštejn is located at only 80 kms from Brno and Vienna and at approximately 200 kms from Prague. The village of Boskovštejn is located inside the natural park of Jevišovice and lies inside the valley of the river Jevišovka. In addition, it is situated near the national park of Podyjí and it is very close to several museums, castles and palaces such as Vranov, Bítov, Jevišovice, Jaroměřice and Znojmo.

Renaissance castle


Location: Boskovštejn – province of Znojmo
Total land size: 59.929 square meters
Gross floor area: 2.330 square meters
Pond area: 45.290 square meters
White area: 12.309 square meters
Building's net usable area: 983 square meters
Mill's net usable area: 565 square meters
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Property selling price: 16.000.000,- CZK sale of company

Property description

This property, located in the village of Boskovštejn, just a stone's throw away from the city of Znojmo, is composed of: a renaissance castle, a detached farmhouse with a mill, a pond and surrounding land. This complex is located in the village of Boskovštejn, which lies in the proximity of the main motorway connecting Praga, Znojmo and Vienna.

The Renaissance castle of Boskovštejn

This castle is located in the very centre of the village of Boskovštejn and it is a combination of gothic and renaissance style. This building is divided over two floors and has a simple main volume with rectangular floor plan, four angular polygonal towers and a saddleback roof. The castle, which is surrounded by a moat, was totally renovated in the 1980's.

The detached farmhouse with a baroque mill

This building dates back to the mid of the 16th century and is one of the oldest palaces of the village. This detached farmhouse with a mill stands on a slight downhill slope and has a simple main volume divided over two floors. The ground floor houses the plant technical rooms, whilst the first floor hosts various rooms. This farmhouse also includes a large mansard area which could be easily converted into an attic room. Previously, this unit was meant to be turned into a small boarding house: in fact, a housing development is still available for a boarding house with 11 bedrooms, able to host up to 30 guests. A planning permission regarding this renovation project was approved and is still valid. A EU grant, equal to 42% of a total investment of 10 milions of CZK, was received in 2010 and is available, according to specific circumstances, to future potential purchasers.

The Pond

The river Jevišovka flows into the property's pond, measuring approximately 45.000 square meters. This water area can be used both for fishing (it has previously been used for fish farming) or for leisure purposes.


The village of Boskovštejn and its stronghold were mentioned in 1586 for the first time, when they belonged to Federico of the House of Březnický from Náchod and Dunajovice. In 1615, this stronghold was named for the first time as castle owned by Earl George of Náchod and Lichtenburk. It is well known that this building, which has a rectangular floor plan and four angular polygonal towers, was renovated twice in its history. The lower side of the building (until the bottom of the raised floor) is made of stone whilst the first floor is made of mixed brickwork. The exterior of the towers is circular to their full height and their tips are polygonal. It seems that the stronghold of Boskovštejn, with its flat roof and a simple main.